Deliver your marketing campaigns and meet deadlines with fewer headaches using our project management software. Set up custom campaign workflows, delegate tasks, track work progress in real-time, and create progress and performance reports with the click of a button.

Superior customer lifecycle management can dramatically transform your organization. By meeting and exceeding expectations in every phase of customer management, you can turn prospects into satisfied customers and customers into enthusiastic advocates for your brand.
In an increasingly omni-channel business environment, however, customer lifecycle management can be incredibly complex. To truly become customer-centric, you must be able to connect disparate people, data and processes that are normally isolated within your company. To communicate across all channels requires technology that is both built for omni-channel engagement and able to adapt quickly to new business requirements and customer demands.
As a leading provider of strategic applications for many of the world’s leading companies, we provide a solution that can improve time to revenue by eliminating complexity, simplifying cross-channel communication and consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Personalizing phones has become something of a fashion statement and a way of creating an identity. Wall papers, ring tones and other means of personalizing reside on the handset. Ring back tone on the other hand resides on the network and can be used by the service provider as a method to increase revenue. A ring backtone is the tone that the caller hears after dialling, while the call is being placed. Our personalized caller ring back tone service has proved to be a unique differentiating feature and offers inbuilt content management module and enables the user to select his / her choice of songs and tunes.

Messaging (A2P, P2P & SPAM Protection)
Our product offers reliability, high capacity and scalability. Ours is a flexible solution, offering unbeatable reliability and relevance in the smartphone era. This next-generation solution enables you to share components, centralize functions, and reduce complexity and costs, while at the same time enabling the launch of new services that help keep your customers engaged. With extension modules to integrate with our Smart Messaging service and with IMS messaging services, our SMSC enables wireless network operators to position themselves for evolution to the next generation of mobile messaging services and technologies. It also supports a wide range of personalization services features that help operators to boost customer loyalty and messaging revenues. Our anti-Spam filter helps control message flow, clean it, and protect against unwanted messages. Blocks spam, viruses, malware and other threats. We provide sophisticated message security for your business without making it complicated.