CARRIER GRADE OSS – BSS:- DDCPL BSS  is a complete pre-integrated business support systems (BSS) offering that enables a single view of the customer from device down to the network.
Driven by business processes and best practices, DDCPL solution delivers low-cost scalability and operational efficiency through a best of suite approach. It eases implementation of products and services and quickens time to production while helping to ensure an optimal customer experience.

DDCPL OSS-BSS solution enables ISPs and their value chain model (Distributors, retailers etc.) to easily drive their business of Broadband on a single stack with optimized operating costs and support for innovative offerings and customer experience. With an open, scalable modular architecture and multi tenancy support, Service Providers will be able to quickly launch multiple business models (SP>JV>Distributor>LCO>Subscriber) which can be offered to different verticals through a single, convergent platform.