Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions.
Successful organizations most likely have data management technology powering every process. It’s that critical – and it’s a key component of the Big data Platform. Modularized for rapid results. Designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. And ready to help transform your analytics programs into big opportunity. With Big Data platform, you can go beyond managing your data to unleashing its full potential.


    1. Ensure your data is ready for action: Know that your data is primed and prepared for the next step with auditing tools that monitor processing and source data lineage.
    2. Build hybrid data environments: Quickly and easily connect to the data you need, wherever it resides – in the cloud, on-site, or in your data lakes in traditional systems. OlaTech Big Data connects to all kinds of data – structured, unstructured, text, documents and images.
    3. Incorporate new technologies: Leverage the new wave of advanced data sources (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.) and computing frameworks (Spark, etc), supporting your data fabric with a single solution.
    4. Access the data you need: Ensure the availability of data required by knowledge workers while supporting multiple data processing run times (batch, real time, streaming, in database, etc.).


Better data quality, wherever data resides. Clean your data without having to extract it or move it.

Standardize, monitor and verify your data where it exists – a significantly faster, more secure process.


Make data-driven decisions you can trust based on a solid foundation of high-quality data.

Data quality is the core of the Platform Intuitive system built for business & IT.

Adopt an intuitive data quality system that accommodates everyone’s data quality concerns – from the chief data officer, to the data scientist, to the business analyst.


Easy point-and-click user interface: Provide a self-service data preparation environment that enables even nontechnical users to profile, cleanse, blend, wrangle and move data without specialized training.

Spend more time analysing data and less time preparing it with point-and-click actions for critical functions – no coding or SQL skills required.

Strong focus on data quality: Keep data quality at the forefront – without having to write code – using data preparation tools with embedded data quality.

Create analytics-ready data with built-in functions, including profiling, casing, standardizing, parsing, identification analysis and more.

Fast performance: Ensure high-performance results with high-performance, high-quality data. Interactively blend and shape data in near-real time. Load data preparation functions in parallel and process them in memory.


Technology & expertise: Engage with experts who understand that data governance is as much about processes – and the services supporting them – as it is about technology. Let us help you set goals, establish guidelines and work in a way that benefits your business.


Ensure data privacy by quickly identifying sensitive data and keeping your data secure. Use a common repository for sensitive data terms and definitions.

Gain insights into sensitive data usage across the enterprise.

Business glossary that promotes collaboration.

Set standard definitions and owners for your organization. Integrate workflow and flag issues before they cause bigger problems. Visualize lineage and relationships for better alignment between business and IT.



Consume a wide array of data streams as close to the edge as you need. Prebuilt connectors and adapters let you write once and deploy anywhere – notification systems, repositories, dashboards and existing applications.



Prebuilt streaming data quality, natural language processing and the broadest array of integrated, advanced analytics deliver value from streaming data directly to you via a visual interface.


Explore data relationships and conduct impact analysis using data lineage and metadata management capabilities. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how governed data is being used across the enterprise.


Lightning-fast analysis of huge amounts of data.

With faster, more powerful stream processing, you can get measurable value from low-latency responses to high-volume throughput of millions of events per second.