System Integration (SI)

  • Maximize the value of your server virtualization deployment
  • Enhance infrastructure efficiency with proprietary e-Transform and eReadines tools
  • Increase business agility by aligning data center infrastructure with business goals
  • Optimize operational expenses by using reusable assets and tools
  • Ramp up and down infrastructure as required
  • Improve data center scalability and privacy
  • Ensure data security, integrity, and reliability
    Data center Consulting

Data center Consulting – It is essential for organizations to reimagine existing IT infrastructure services to gain flexibility and scalability. HCL’s data center solutions ensure a seamless transition to next-gen service delivery platforms that are also future-proof.

Data center Hosting – Enterprises are faced with certain challenges in a hybrid ecosystem comprising primary and virtual data centers. HCL helps overcome these obstacles by facilitating secure and seamless connectivity to the public cloud.

Green Data center Methodology – The recent proliferation of data has driven enterprises to invest increasingly in data storage space. HCL’s next-gen green data center methodology facilitates this in the most energy and cost-efficient way possible.

Data center Consolidation – Enterprises are looking to enhance speed, agility while minimizing risks by obtaining better control of data center assets. HCL accomplishes this with a consolidation system that leverages the latest cloud and virtualization technology.

Data center Virtualization – Next-gen enterprise are faced with the twin challenges of adopting compute virtualization and conceiving relevant IT strategies. HCL offers unified virtualization as a service (UVaaS) that expedites infrastructure virtualization along with customized consultation.